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Celebrity Duets: Carine Rizkallah

The renowned performer Carine Rizkallah generously donated to Heartbeat her winnings in Season 3 of the popular TV show “Celebrity Duets”. For 12 weeks, she competed with great talent and style and won the sum of $14,000. Carine visited the children at the Hôtel-Dieu de France Hospital, where she received a very warm welcome from […]

Men El Qalb lal Qalb

Launched by Eshmoon Holistics, Men el Qalb lal Qalb” is a campaign promoting solidarity, social integration & children health through a collaboration between different Lebanese sectors and NGOs, standing together to help each other. The custom made heart-shaped pottery is crafted by people living with impairments at ‘arcenciel’ and filled with healthy vegan chocolate from […]

Ambassadors running for a cause

Heartbeat Ambassador Maxime Chaya and more than 10 ambassadors and their spouses formed a relay team at the 16th edition of the Beirut Marathon to raise awareness about Heartbeat and children suffering from congenital heart disease. Determined and dedicated to the cause, they all trained as a team, and come race day, some ran the […]

Ali Kedami: Racing the Planet

After achieving great success in raising funds for Heartbeat with the De-feet Runners in 2015, ultra-marathon champion Ali Kedami has raised the bar even higher for his new solo challenge. His goal: contest four prestigious races around the world within one year!Ali successfully completed the Oman UTMB -the ’World’s toughest race’- covering 137 km and […]

Kathia Rached: “Running for their hearts to beat”

After running for Heartbeat at the 2015 Beirut Marathon, ultra marathon Elite runner Kathia Rached set herself a new challenge to help children suffering from heart disease. From May 1st to May 7th, she crossed 250km through the intense heat and dryness of the Namibia desert successfully reaching the finish line ranking 2nd in her […]

London to Paris Cycling Challenge

In memoriam of their father Louis Karam, Johnny and Chawki, two amateur cyclists, decided to take the London-Paris challenge to raise $50,000 for five charities. With some practice and a lot of determination, the two brothers succeeded in covering more than 500 km of cycling from September 9 to 13, 2015. “They were certainly intense […]

De-Feet Runners: $90,000 raised for Heartbeat

Running six marathons in six consecutive days across Lebanon’s eight provinces. This was the latest challenge set by the De-Feet Runners, a group of eight friends who combined their passion for running to serve a new cause every year. With the motto “We Run, You Donate”, Ali, Georges, Imad, Jihad, Khodor, Marc, Mohammed, and Rabih […]

The Kilimanjaro 5,895 M Challenge: $1 for every meter climbed

One dollar was donated for every meter climbed on Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain on earth. This is how Lyna and Georges Abou Adal decided to fundraise for Heartbeat and help save a child’s life. Lyna had never climbed more than 100 meters in her life and Georges prided himself for having run half a […]

Grand Serail Ceremony

In a ceremony that was held on Wednesday June 11, 2014, at the Grand Serail, Mrs. Lama Tamam Salam honored several Lebanese associations caring for children. Heartbeat received an award recognizing its contribution to treating children suffering from heart disease.

Order of the Crown

During the 2010 Gala dinner, His Majesty King Albert II of Belgium knighted Dr. Ramzi Ashoush, president of Heartbeat, with the ‘Order of the Crown’, in recognition of his many contributions to the improvement of the health condition of young hearts. This award also recognizes the efforts of all the team members of Heartbeat.